Remembering the Music of Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII gets a lot of hate. The soundtrack, however, is one of the game’s most beloved features. Let’s dive into how the OST, composed by Masashi Hamauzu, plays nicely with the game’s themes, its characters, and the series’ first foray into HD gaming.

Character themes of Final Fantasy XIII

I’m black. And I love jazz. How did Final Fantasy XIII know?

Background Music

Where Hamauzu’s ear shines is in the various stage themes and background music that plays throughout the 45-hour adventure. JRPG’s can fall into the trap of becoming routine. In one of my favorite games and scores of all time, Persona 4, composer Shoji Meguro works wonders to characterize each of the game’s areas and themes through the soundtrack. But the melodic shifts can become predictable, making periods of text-based exposition drag out.

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