Hey Akos, that's a great point you bring up, and is really the best way to approach artistry in my opinion.

That said, I think separating man from music (or any person from their art) is so much more challenging today, when these people are expected to be leaders, thanks to social media. The added caveat of every artist having a platform, not just for their art but for their opinions too, means they can influence fans and non-fans alike.

Digital media makes it so there isn't as big a commitment to "putting your money where your mouth is." If I stream an artist who raps about murder, even if I don't agree with the behavior, I'm continuing to give that artist an audience without feeling like I just bought an album for $13.99.

As evidenced by someone like Michael Jackson, who continued to sell platinum records even after his child molestation accusations in 1993 (and admittedly performs one of my favorite songs, "Remember the Time"), people will still support artists regardless of how accessible their music is In this case the lack of digital media didn't hamper listeners' access to Jackson's music or public support of him. But, the fact that we saw Jackson becoming increasingly more private through the end of his life leads me to believe that the lack of digital platforms helped to shield listeners from indulging someone who otherwise dirtied his legacy with a decade of court proceedings.

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