The first album from the Philly soul legend in 17 years reinvents his astral fascination from scratch.

The Story of the Flight Crew to Mars by Dexter Wansel

Yuffie Kisaragi’s bubbly personality is an added bonus, but Midgar’s new tunes slap a fresh coat of paint on the city

Single-player may be the last thing on Rockstar’s mind, but a new GTA soundtrack might bring players like me crawling back

The 1977 cut from Bridges grapples with the revolution that wasn’t televised.

Brian Jackson and Gil Scott-Heron’s Bridges, which features the classic “We Almost Lost Detroit.”

A vaporware sample of “The Sweetest Pain” harkens back to Wansel’s interstellar wanderlust.

Dexter Wansel’s “Time Is Slipping Away”

Does the game’s stellar soundtrack make up for it’s ill-conceived gameplay?

Sonic 3D Blast — Sega

A sample scavenger hunt helped unearth a not-so-forgotten 1972 soul cut.

Darondo’s 2005 compilation album, Let My People Go

How does the newest game stand up to its 22-year-old prequel?

Photo by me. (Brandon Johnson)

Recently rereleased on vinyl, Smoke DZA, Harry Fraud, and Dom Kennedy help the song return to the pop music lexicon ahead of summer 2021.

Magical, a compilation album by Junko Ohashi.

Nova Chrysalia is a nuanced piece of music that helps give solace a video game world that is constantly in a race against time.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix)

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