Taeko Onuki’s debut on RCA was a turning point for her career and the nascent genre of city pop.

Taeko Onuki’s “Mignonne”

With Sonic turning 30 this year, I thought I’d look back at something he should truly be proud of: the soundtrack for his debut game

Check out my review of the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack on YouTube.

It doesn’t matter why we’re friends. Just make sure the music is good.

The second edition of Smash Bros. can thank its intro for its cult following

Super Smash Bros. Melee reveal at E3 2001

Artists best known for bumpin’ and grindin’ elevated Space Jam to a cult classic.

Hyman’s classic disco cut found a second wind 37 years after it’s debut.

Mario Golf: Super Rush’s bogey music encourages me to be a loser

The first album from the Philly soul legend in 17 years reinvents his astral fascination from scratch.

The Story of the Flight Crew to Mars by Dexter Wansel

Yuffie Kisaragi’s bubbly personality is an added bonus, but Midgar’s new tunes slap a fresh coat of paint on the city

Single-player may be the last thing on Rockstar’s mind, but a new GTA soundtrack might bring players like me crawling back

Brandon Johnson

Forever hunting for my new favorite music sample. Founder of tripleot.com & abrandbox.com. 🌴🦩

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